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  • Afirm Polk State Corporate College Logo

    Afirm Training And Development In Partnership With Polk State College

    Our training programs provide students with the practical training skills necessary to begin
    a career or enhance their skills in these high-demand insurance fields. Courses include training modules, manuals, videos, downloadable support documents, skill builders, mock jobs and exams. We teach participants everything they need to know to complete an actual survey or audit.

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  • TRUCE Software

    Eliminate device distraction in the workplace. TRUCE Software enables companies to temporarily suspend or allow access to mobile apps and features based on the work being performed, the work location or the work group. TRUCE makes mobile devices smarter through patented technology which operates on both iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Safety Training


    $39.95 for a full year’s access to over 80 safety training classes. That translates to $3.32 per month or less than $0.50 per class.

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  • Alert Driving


    $59.00 / driver. Provides access to the Hazard Perception Survey and Training materials.

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