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Company History

Afirm Today

Afirm is an international leader in risk management solutions.


Afirm expands its North American operations to Montreal.

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires Chlystek & White Services (CWS) Inc., the Grand Rapids, MI-based insurance premium audit services company, to become part of Afirm.

Afirm 2017

H.W. Kaufman Group rebrands US-Reports and Canadian Reports to form Afirm, creating a single-source for loss control inspection, premium audit, and risk mitigation services.

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires Essential Insurance Services, a premium audit services provider based in Colorado, to become part of US-Reports.


US-Reports moves into its new office in Fort Collins, CO.

Technical Risk Services 2016

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires Technical Risk Services, the Canada-based loss control services, inspections, and risk control consulting specialists, to become part of Canadian Reports.

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires L&L Auditing Services, a Coral Springs, FL-based auditing firm, to become a part of US-Reports.


H.W. Kaufman Group acquires Spectius Underwriting Solutions and rebrands as Canadian Reports.

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires ISI Insurance Services, a Uniontown, PA auditing and inspection firm, to become part of US-Reports.

H.W. Kaufman Group acquires Tracz & Associates, a Chicago, IL-based auditing firm, to become part of US-Reports.

H.W. Kaufman Group, Inc. 2010

H.W. Kaufman Group the private held company led by Alan Jay Kaufman, acquires the 70-employee, family-owned US-Reports.


US-Reports re-locates to Fort Collins, CO.

US-Reports 1988

US-Reports, a loss control inspection, premium audit and risk management services firm is founded in Simi Valley, California.