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Self-Inspection App

Afirm has streamlined the inspection process with the launch of a mobile application that guides policyholders through the required inspections—saving valuable time and money, while compiling quality information.

The Afirm Self-Inspection App Provides:

Cost & Time Savings

  • Requires no appointments or physical visits
  • Available for both Commercial and Residential inspections
  • Pre-Inspections and prospect evaluation
  • Automatic Recommendation generation

Insights & Valuable Information

  • Relays prompt, quality information to expedite your underwriting process
  • Sends follow-up recommendations and actionable reports

Step-By-Step Guidance

  • IOS and Android enabled applications
  • Great for smartphone or tablet technologies
  • Simple and intuitive application asks policyholders questions about their property and/or business
  • Requests specific interior and exterior photos for completion
  • Built-in Quick Tips for the policy holder


  • Secure invitations are emailed to policyholders, including validation process
  • Provides photo location validation

Custom Branding & Forms

  • Customizable to meet brand guidelines, photo requirements and specific questions
  • Valuations and Third-Party Data inclusion

We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about the Self-Inspection App, please complete the below contact form or call 800.223.2310800.223.2310.

    Loss Control

    Bret Guthrie
    Director Business Development, Loss Control
    Mobile: 970.420.5342
    Email: bret.guthrie@afirmsolutions.com

    Matt Hickman
    Director of Business Development, Loss Control
    Mobile: 970.219.5112
    Email: matthew.hickman@afirmsolutions.com

    Lisa Carter
    Director of Canadian Operations & Business Development, Loss Control
    Mobile: 613.277.1197
    Email: lisa.carter@afirmsolutions.com

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