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Afirm provides North American inspection services for residential properties, using the finest associates available in the industry. Our Personal Lines inspectors complete a comprehensive training program through Afirm University. This unique training program is taught with input from Personal Lines insurance carriers, ensuring our team gets the report right and provides you with everything you need to know about a residential property.

  • Drive-by Inspections
  • Exterior Inspections
  • Interior/Exterior Inspections
  • High Value Dwelling/ITV Inspections
  • A variety of additional report supplements

Coverage Throughout North America

Afirm has associates located throughout North America in every major city, county, and province. We can get to any job, anywhere. This broad coverage allows you to have one vendor that can meet all of your inspection needs. With Afirm you have one vendor that can handle everything you need, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Qualified Inspectors

Our Personal Lines inspectors complete a comprehensive training program through Afirm University. The program is specifically designed for our inspectors with input from Personal Lines insurance carriers. It’s a one of a kind program that puts our inspectors a cut above the rest, meaning you get the finest Personal Lines reports in the country.


We know there’s more to the job than technical expertise. All Afirm associates follow a strict professional code of conduct and go through continual training to make sure all parties are represented the way they should be. Additionally, we provide courtesy alerts to policyholders and agency personnel to alert them of upcoming inspections and we always schedule our interior surveys. We even have our team leave a special door hanger on doors to inform policyholders of our visit to the neighborhood.


Afirm strives to make the inspection process as simple as possible without sacrificing the personal needs of each case. We offer standardized report formats and supplements that you can choose from to make your selection of inspection reports simple and easy.

If you require personalized reports, Afirm will work with you to develop specific report forms or supplements for your personal needs. We are also able to adopt report formats that you have developed and are currently using and want to continue using. Our existing report forms are highly customizable, but we can even develop completely new forms to meet your every need.

Afirm will make sure you have everything you need, every step of the way. With Afirm you have the capability of ordering all inspections electronically and viewing them electronically once complete. Our systems allow you to view the status of assignments and scheduling. Management information reports can also be designed to provide you with the specific data you need to manage the entire process.

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Residential Inspection

In order to ensure you receive the service best suited to your needs, Afirm offers three types of Physical Inspections: Drive-by Inspection, Exterior Inspection, and Interior/Exterior Inspection.

Drive-by Inspection

This cost effective solution is specifically designed for underwriters that want to confirm the basic features of a property they are insuring. It includes exterior photos  of the residence and observations of any hazards and adjacent exposures that the inspector is able to see from the street level.

Exterior Inspection

Our exterior inspection provides underwriters with a comprehensive assessment of the fire, liability, and natural exposures unique to residential properties. It can be customized to your unique needs by insurance to value calculation and a diagram that includes adjacent exposures. Additionally, recommendations of any observed hazards are provided that help improve your policy holder retention, underwriting profitability and risk selection.


This is a combination of both the interior and exterior inspection services. This combination inspection package can be customized to your unique needs.

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High Value Dwelling

High Value residential inspections determine accurate replacement costs for those residences with significantly upgraded architectural and building features.

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Residential Virtual Inspection

Our virtual inspections tap into a deep resource of data that is compiled in a logical format, and can be a powerful underwriting tool eliminating the need to physically visit an insured.

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