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Premium Audit

Physical (On-site) Audits

A Physical Audit is conducted when an on-site visit is required. It is the most thorough audit process and it provides the most up-to-date information.

Physical (Remote) Audits

Conducted by the territory field auditor when an on-site visit is not possible, practical, or advantageous, but requires the same level of expertise and detail as an on-site audit. This type of audit provides continuity and uses every technological means possible to preserve the familiarity and expectations of the on-site experience.

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Virtual Audits

Our Virtual Audit provides the detail of a physical audit at a lower cost, making it a perfect alternative to our telephone audit for audits requiring more detailed information.

Phone Audit Plus

Phone Audit Plus takes the process a step further by allowing for some document collection and attachment. A great value when you need just a little bit more from your phone audit.

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Phone Audit

Conducted via telephone, rather than on-site, with the policyholder. The elimination of travel makes our Phone Audit an efficient and cost-effective tool for the smaller or less complex audits.

You’ll find amazing value in our Verified Telephone Audits. The most highly skilled, customer-oriented associates in the business are at the core of what sets our Telephone Audit Center apart. We obtain the necessary financial information and combine it with documents that are signed and attested to by the individual policyholder. Ideal for smaller, less complex policies, Verified Telephone Audits are a proven way to increase return on investment.

Mail Audit

This product is a simple and secure way to collect the basic data required for your smaller policies. Access to a secure portal for data entry is provided to your policyholder.

Client Special Services

Afirm can perform a number of special services including premium extensions, billing, and management of the audit process.