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Loss Control

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Physical Survey

Our on-site surveys with the insured provide specific underwriting information, hazard identification and hazard control measures recommendations. Reports can be tailored to the unique needs of each commercial client.

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Telephone Survey

Telephone Surveys are a great way for our clients to extend their budgets. Our Telephone Surveys provide you with essential underwriting information, allowing you to make informed decisions for each policy.

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Virtual Survey

Often referred to as ‘desktop’ surveys in the industry; our team of experts mines through an array of valuable online resources and then performs a telephone interview with the insured.

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Residential Inspection

In order to ensure you receive the service best suited to your needs, Afirm offers three types of Physical Inspections: Drive-by Inspection, Exterior Inspection, and Interior/Exterior Inspection.

Drive-by Inspection

This cost effective solution is specifically designed for underwriters that want to confirm the basic features of a property they are insuring. It includes exterior photos  of the residence and observations of any hazards and adjacent exposures that the inspector is able to see from the street level.

Exterior Inspection

Our exterior inspection provides underwriters with a comprehensive assessment of the fire, liability, and natural exposures unique to residential properties. It can be customized to your unique needs by insurance to value calculation and a diagram that includes adjacent exposures. Additionally, recommendations of any observed hazards are provided that help improve your policy holder retention, underwriting profitability and risk selection.


This is a combination of both the interior and exterior inspection services. This combination inspection package can be customized to your unique needs.

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High Value Dwelling

High Value residential inspections determine accurate replacement costs for those residences with significantly upgraded architectural and building features.

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Residential Virtual Inspection

Our virtual inspections tap into a deep resource of data that is compiled in a logical format, and can be a powerful underwriting tool eliminating the need to physically visit an insured.

Self-Inspection App

Afirm has streamlined the inspection process with the launch of a mobile application that guides policyholders through the required inspections—saving valuable time and money, while compiling quality information.

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OSHA Compliance

Our countrywide risk control control consultants are well-versed in OSHA regulations for the U.S. and can provide workplace-specific guidance to meet compliance standards.

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Afirm has risk control consultants throughout North America who can provide services to improve safety and health, productivity and bottom line results.